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BLACK CANDY - Reinvent Yourself

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A Territorian Adventure to Madagascar.

About the Author

  Angelo Razafimamonjy, a father, a native Malagasy, an Australian immigrant, and a “Dream Walker coach,” has a burning passion to see others succeed in their lives. As an author, a speaker, and a coach, he helps others overcome every form of unfair reality, drive changes, and reinvent themselves by walking their dreams.

In his original country, Madagascar, Angelo lived and worked in an industrial town where he endured the feeling of being a stranger in his own country. His people skills, powered by his faith, helped him convert his frustration into momentum for reinventing himself.

Angelo is one of the migration heroes featured in a short film broadcasted worldwide to induce prospective Australian immigrants.

Angelo and his family love to share their joy with friends around a barbeque with a guitar in hand. 

Angelo invites you to reinvent yourself by walking your own dreams

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